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Pods is all about meeting up and having fun with new people near you. It should be an exciting, enjoyable, and safe process. Here are a few simple steps to follow to help ensure your safety while using Pods.

1) Protect your personal information

Never share your financial information

Under no circumstance should you send money or give out financial information to another user. This includes your social security number, credit card number, or bank information.

Communicate through Pods

Let Pods handle all communication between you and your Podmates, at least until you've met them for the first time. There is no reason to give out your email, phone number, address, social usernames, or any other personal information before that. Only share your personal information with another user once you feel comfortable sharing it with them.

2) While attending a Pod

Always meet in public

Always meet in a public place, with plenty of other people around. Never meet in a remote or private location, or your own home or apartment.

Get your own ride

Always take your own car, public transit, or taxi to and from a Pod. Never accept a ride from or carpool with someone you don't know and trust.

Invite a friend to the Pod!

Every Pod has a maximum number of people who can attend, set by the creator of the Pod. If there's room in the Pod, feel free to invite somebody you already know to join. If there's not room...

Tell a friend

Let a friend or family member know who you're meeting, where you're going, and when you'll be back. Be sure to have your phone with you, and it's not a bad idea share your phone's location with them.

3) Report suspicious behavior

Flag Anybody who violates our Terms of Service

If anybody violates our Terms of Service, immediately stop all communication with them and report them by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of their profile and tapping "Flag User." This will not inform the user that you have reported them. A few examples of violations of our Terms of Service are:
• Users under the age of 18
• Fake or fraudulent profiles
• Asking for money or your financial information
• Asking you to buy anything
• Asking or suggesting to do anything illegal
• Spam or solicitation
• Sending profane, harassing, or offensive messages

Thanks for your help keeping Pods safe and enjoyable for all of our users!